Principal’s Message

Dear Browser, Greetings!

Selecting the right school for our children is not an easy task. We recommend all of you to surf our school’s website thoroughly. This website provides most of the information that parents, students and teachers need to know before applying. After checking the admission procedure, feel free to visit our school. We will be happy to interact with you and help you get a feel of the friendly environment here. That is why we believe that the first step of the admission process should be to visit our school.

This is a school for values, experiences and life and a place where students learn through discovery and fun. You will experience these harmonious blends of modern infrastructure in a green environment as you enter the portals of this great institution.

Education is more than imparting knowledge. It is about building character and empowering each individual to be an enthusiastic lifelong learner and a global citizen of the future. A child’s early years are his basic foundation in shaping character, inculcating moral values and preparing pupils for a life of leadership, selfless service, and personal fulfillment.

With this objective, we provide student-oriented education that allows young learners continuously discover their potential in an ever-changing world. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in education and all that we endeavor.

We warmly welcome children of all cultures and faiths and currently have a wonderful, diverse group of children from various parts of Banaskantha district. We also have a hostel with all the facilities and we ensure that every child feels safe and happy, develops a healthy life style, gains the skills to maintain good relationships, and indulges in worthwhile activities and achieves to the best of his abilities.

We dream of an education that can change our students and through them will make the world a better place. It will be a source of satisfaction to see that our students have been prepared not just to earn a living but have learned how to live.

We look forward to meeting you!

Warm regards,

The School Principal